Message from Representative Director

Amgen Astells BioPharma was established in October 2013, as a joint venture company of a U.S. based Amgen, Inc. and Astellas Pharma Inc. with its mission, “To deliver breakthrough-science-based medicines and contribute exceptional value for Japanese patients in order to create a healthy society”. Since then it has continued its challenge to actualize this mission.

In the 20th century, a number of break-through science occurred such as in aircrafts, electronics, and computers that majorly affected people’s lives.

Today, in the 21th century, a similar scale of innovation is taking place in life-science, especially in the research and development of medicines based on insights from human genetics. We are indeed living in the beginning of the “BioCentury”.

Amgen Astellas BioPharma operates daily to bring health, a fundamental human needs, by addressing unmet medical needs specifically in the areas with limited therapeutic options. We believe that the break-through science products we try to deliver to those individual patients and healthcare providers will ingenerate a larger impact than the changes that physics and engineering brought to us in the 20th century. In order to assure this difference, we have established our understanding of Japanese healthcare, as well as knowledge of marketing, development, and regulatory based on those built by Astellas through the years of its practice in Japan.

It is our passion, as employees of Amgen Astellas BioPharma living in the “BioCentury”, to deliver new values to the Japanese patients by collaborating strengths of Amgen and Astellas.

Steve Sugino,
Representative Director, Amgen Astellas BioPharma K.K.